DTF Ink (direct to film ink)

DTF Inks (direct to film ink)

We have the Best Quality, Prices, and Selection of DTF Inks for Epson printheads in the China

Note: These are water-based DTF inks for Epson-based DTF printers and printheads.

Please note that these are different from DTG inks and must be printed on the DTF Film to create DTF transfers. See our product descriptions for more details. Our inks are formulated to perform the best in these specific Epson printheads:  DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, i3200

Another tip: White ink must be gently rolled or shaken daily to avoid pigment separation.

If you have questions about any of our DTF Inks or any of our DTF products, Please contact us Click here to contact our sales team.

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