Crystaljet CJ4000 solvent printer

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Crystaljet CJ4000 solvent printer


1: with seiko 510-35pl or 50pl printhead.
2:157sqm/hour 720dpi
3.high qulity and competitive price


Crystaljet 4000 series performance:

  • The safety of DC24V voltage print head heating system allows the printer can be worked on varies environment.
  • 400W high power AC servo motor control sysytem ,with long life,high accuracy and quick response.
  • This printer provides positive flush ,suction function, with each color ink prime and onekey injecting funtionm.
  • With super wide print platform design, the machine can load more heads and easy upgraded.
  • Auto head protector keeps the print head in a good condition ,With limit switch protection avoiding printhead mangled
  • Automatic media feeding device with memory of each kind of medias, automatically indentify which kind of media is using currently. It is easier to operate such device with the control panel in front of the printer.
  • Led lighting system brings more convenience during printing and on print head status suspect.
  • The power of medias absorbing can be adjusted, which allows printer adopts varied different kind of medias.
  • There are auto white skip, auto step adjustment, bi-direction, auto single file copy, wave and line eclosion technology in the software, makes the printing process more sample and easy.
  • Print head temperature can be automatically detected by a device, it will adjust the print head voltage accordingly, which ensures print head in a good performance.
  • Pre heating on rear heating board, middle heating board with higher temperature improves ink absorption, precision printing and working efficient




Model S4306SPT510_35PL F4308SPT510_35PL F4304SPT510_50PL F4308SPT510_50PL
Printhead  SPT510_35PL SPT510_50PL
No of Printheads 6 8 4 8
Printhead combination 1×6 2×4 1×4 2×4
Print Width 3200mm 125.98inch
Media Width 3220mm 126.77inch
Print speed Print mode speed speed speed speed
High speed 240X540 3pass 56m²/hr 240X540 3pass 112m²/hr 240X540 3pass 65m²/hr 240X540 3pass 130m²/hr
Middle speed 240X720 4pass 41m²/hr 240X720 4pass 82m²/hr 240X540 3pass 51m²/hr 240X540 3pass 102m²/hr
Standard speed 360X540 3pass 37m²/hr 360X540 3pass 74m²/hr 180X720 4pass 47m²/hr 180X720 4pass 94m²/hr
Ink Type Ink Type Solvent Ink
Ink supply system Automatic ink suppy based on auto-detected ink level, failure alarming, empty main tank prompt(optional)
Cleaning method Singel color positive flush(with pressure protection), auto flushing & head moisturizing
RIP software MainTop( Photoprint optional)
Interface USB2.0
Printing assistant system Auto feeding system Infrared-detecting, feed & take-up system with memory function
Heating system Three stage heating system(Preheating, Print- heating, post- heating)
Head heating Low-voltage consistant-temperature head-heating(DC24V)
Height of the tray 2~5mm Distance to platform, adjustable
Other functions One key positive-pressure ink injecting,adjustable force of media being absopted to platform, anti-warp media-press,subtank heater(optional),lighting for head cleaning, drying fan, anti-splash board, emergency stop, full waste tank prompt
Printer info Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ (AC110V 50/60HZ is optional)
Power Printing system 500W   Heating system(Post-,1000w, print-,1500w, pre-, 1000w)
Working environment Normal temperature 22~28°C      Himidity  40%~70%RH
Machine size and weight 4840mm(L)X1000mm(W)X1340mm(H) 520kg±15kg
Shipping size and weight 5230mm(L)X1040mm(W)X1480mm(H) 740kg±15kg


*The speed data above is with medium feather on,  a difference of 10% may occur when runing with different computers. Product specification are subject to change without notice in advance. Color and shape in picture are for refrence, comuter and monitor not included. All rights reserved!*


Additional Information

Weight 740 kg
Dimensions 523 x 104 x 148 cm

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