CT-2502D 2.5m inkjet printer (Dual Eps xp600 head)

CT-2502D 2.5m inkjet printer (Dual Eps xp600 head)

Epson dx5/XP600/I3200 printheads.

2.5m large format size

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2.5 double head printer.

Infrared drying heating, 4 independent temperature control.

High power take up system.

Double servo motor, integrated structure beam, high strength and high precision printer.


Product Description:


Model CRYSTEK CT-2502D
printhead Piezo Electric Printhead Dx5/Dx7/5113/xp600
Number of Printhead Dx5/Dx7

2pcs Head


2pcs Head


2 pcs head

Max Print Width 2500mm
Printing Resolution 3 pass  35sqm/h 3 pass  50sqm/h 3 pass  30sqm/h
4 pass  30sqm/h 4 pass  40sqm/h 4 pass  25sqm/h
6 pass  22sqm/h 6 pass  30sqm/h 6 pass  18sqm/h
8 pass  16sqm/h 8 pass  20sqm/h 8 pass  12sqm/h
Ink Type Eco solvent ink, Water based ink
Color Dual 4 colors, C/M/K/Y
Capacity 1500ml of each ink cartridge
Ink Supply System Auto ink supply system
Media Width 2500mm
Type Vinyl, Flex, Polyester, Backlit, Window flim, PP, Wallpaper ect.
Print Height 2-5mm above distance to the printing platform adjustable
Heating System Stage heating system include back, front heating
Ohter funtion Light for carriage position
Auto Media System Auto feeding and take up system
Auto Printhead Cleaning System One button cleaning printhead
Clamp Equipped
Auto take up system Selectable
Print Interface USB2.0
RIP software Maintop、Photoprint
Operation voltage AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power 1000w printing system,

from heating 500w/rear heating 500w/back heating 1000w

Working environment 22-28℃ humidity 40-70%
Machine Dimension 4500*880*1320mm(L×W×H) 450KG ±15kg
Packing Dimension 4800*900*1020mm(L×W×H) 5000KG ±15kg


*The speed data above is with medium feather on,  a difference of 10% may occur when runing with different computers. Product specification are subject to change without notice in advance. Color and shape in picture are for refrence, comuter and monitor not included. All rights reserved!*


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