CT-4720T DTF printer with Powder shake machine

CT-4720T DTF printer with Powder shake machine

    • – Using EPS 4720 or 3200 Printheads.
    • – 60mm small size
    • – waterproof and low cost
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This machine specializes in producing non-cutting heating transfer PET.

This technology is suitable for printing on light and dark color cotton fabric, PU, leather and other materials.

This technology is particularly advantageous for small orders. Do sample fast and low cost. It is especially suitable for custom orders.

Simple operation and small occupied space. It is a great advantage in printing technology.


  1. This equipment is a new generation of digital revolution, pioneering a new digital heat transfer process.
  2. It makes up for the shortcomings of the existing technology, only printing + pressing, two-step printing..
  3. Brand-new thermal transfer material and unique printing effect, no need to cut waste, hollow and breathable, colorful.
  4. Unlimited fabric material and color, good transfer effect, no fear of washing, fastness reaches 4.5 level.
  5. The transfer temperature is 160 degrees-170 degrees, 10-15 seconds, cold tear, the actual temperature is adjusted according to different fabrics.
  6. No engraving, no emissions, CMKY+White printing, good manuscript, waterproof wash.



Mode Type CRYSTEK CT-4720T
Print Head Piezo Electric Printhead Epson 4720
Number of Nozzles 2 heads
Color 5 Colors:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black + White
Resolution 2440dpi
Height of Print Head 2-3mm
Size of Ink Droplet 1.5-21 pl
Max. Print Width 70 cm
Printing Speed 4pass 13 sq.m Per/Hour
6pass 10 sq.m Per/Hour
8pass 8 sq.m Per/Hour
Printing Resolution 720*1200dpi / 4 pass
720*1800dpi / 6 pass
720*2400dpi / 8 pass
Material Max Weight 70kgs
Application Type PET Film
Suitable For T-shirt, Bag, Sweater, Non-Woven Fabric, Polyster, Canvas, Denim, etc
Ink Type Water-based dye ink/Pigment ink
Ink Tank Account 5*1000ml Continuous Ink  Supply
Auto Cleaning System Yes
Interface USB2.0
Power Power Voltage AC220-240V 50-60HZ or  AC110-120V 50-60HZ
Heat Press Temperature 160 -170 degree, Cold Tear
Working Power Printer: 350W
Powder Shaker: 3400W
Rip Software Photoprint,  Wasatch, Maintop
Operation System MS Windows XP & Windows  7
Printing Environment Temperature 20-28 Degrees,  Humidity 65-75%/
Picture Type JPG PSD TIF
Printer Dimension Printer L183*W60 * H140 cm
Power Shake Machine L210*W113 * H127 cm
Packing Dimensions Printer L185*W74 * H51 cm
Power Shake Machine L220*W125 * H140 cm
Net Weight Printer 130KG
Power Shake Machine 270KG

*The speed data above is with medium feather on,  a difference of 10% may occur when runing with different computers. Product specification are subject to change without notice in advance. Color and shape in picture are for refrence, comuter and monitor not included. All rights reserved!*

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