seiko 510 print head

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Specification for spt 510 35pl print head

Model: SPT-510 35pl Printhead

Number of nozzles: 510

Native resolution: 180 dpi

Max. resolution: 720dpi

Printhead width: 71.8mm

Drop size: 34mmpl

Firing frequency: 6.46 or 8.29 Khz

Type of ink: Solvent

Place of origin: Japan


The Buyer Must Read:

1. The surface of the printhead is very fragile, absolutely can not bump, must be protected.
2. When installing the printhead must be careful, be sure to power off, and put in place.
3. In order to avoid the damage of the print head due to improper installation, the printhead must be installed by professionals.
4. Should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the printhead (can use the cleaning liquid to clean the printhead, will not let the nozzle blockage)

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