XP600 I3200 DTF pigment ink

XP600 I3200 DTF pigment ink

High Colour denisty Wide Colour gamut Outstanding color saturation No Clogging, Water-proof. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

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1. Pet film heat transfer Inks water-based pigment ink.

2. It is made of imported raw materials, free to the printer head.
3. With highlight fastness and washing resistance,The Dry rubbing and wet rubbing fastness up to 4-5 grade.
4. Printing by piezo electric printers get perfect results.
5. With customized patterns and labels can be printed at once.
6. Dry rubbing, wet rubbing and perspiration fastness 4-5 grade.
Product Name
DTF ink for 30cm 60cm dtf printer
DTF pigment Ink 
Compatible printer
for all printers with Eps XP600/DX5/DX7/I3200 printheads
Ink Volume
100ml, 500ml, 1000ml
100% testing on the machine
Printing Type
Transfer printing
Standard box


***30cm/60cm dtf printer Pigment inks***

Advantage: 1.High quality assurance,3 times QC testing before ex-factory. 2.Responsible and thoughtful after-sale service. 3.100% guarantee and 1:1 replacement for defective goods. 4.Competitive prices,for larger quantity prices are consultable. 5.Fast delivery.

Packaging 100ml, 500ml or 1000ml optional. Delivery By TNT/ Fedex/ DHL, By air, By sea.8. Notice This product should be stored in black, airtight container, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat and children Need to keep out of the light in the whole printing process, the ink tube and ink sac of the printer should use black opaque material. Avoid contact skin when the ink is not curing, if accidentally touch, wipe immediately with tissue, and then wash with soap, go to the hospital timely if skin sensitivity occurs.Use UV cleaning solution to clean the ink tube, printhead before use, to avoid any damages to the nozzle, please do not use other band of cleaning products.

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